The Power of Myers-Briggs. Celebrating Difference.

on Friday, 05 August 2016.

I remember the date well. It was 1989 when Sheila and I launched our business, Consult – now Consult-HR. We had grown to be friends working together before, but running a business was new to us and as any of you who have done it will know, a start-up brings its own tensions; houses on the line, business development and the start of a deep recession to boot.
But that wasn’t the half of it. Different ways of thinking, different working styles, different needs from the business. In terms of our understanding, back to the beginning with unconscious incompetence. This was just how it was and so we cracked on, in our own sweet ways.
We hired people and they had allegiance to the brand – and to one of the partners, but rarely both.
And then we took a big step. One of us was uneasy at the prospect of having weaknesses exposed, the other plain reticent, but we agreed that the group would all take the Myer-Briggs Test.
“So that’s why you do that” and “That’s why you do it that way”. The scales fell from our eyes. As an ESTJ and an INTP we didn’t have a lot of common ground. The transition from right and wrong to just different was almost immediate, but we hit the jackpot once we realised that difference wasn’t just to be understood but to be celebrated. With abilities, motivations, styles, preferences et al marshalled, we covered every base and the business was a nicer, better, more successful place to be.
With the occasional hiccup we have now worked together successfully for almost 27 years. Myers Briggs has certainly played an important part in our lives at work.