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Our executive search practice covers roles with base salaries in excess of £100,000 where we have handled senior assignments for Group HR Directors, Divisional HR Directors and Specialist Function Heads across virtually every commercial sector.

We are immensely proud of the 100% track record of delivery we have maintained in this practice over the last 10 years, in sectors as diverse as banking, energy, engineering, fmcg, healthcare, IT, media and professional services. At Consult HR we have made it our business, for over 25 years, to network with the brightest and the best, which means that we have continuing access to relevant talent for our clients.

Our Clients look to us for culture fit, potential to develop and the holy grail of a good return on investment and that is what we deliver. We keep abreast of developments in the human resources industry to ensure that our work is never wasted and you can be confident of the level of skill present when managing your search.

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Of those appointments, not one has left in the first year and only 2.3% in the second year. So that means that 97.7% of hires have stayed for at least two years; time enough to make a positive contribution. What’s more a staggering 60.5% are still with the same employer over that 10 year period. These statistics are all the more extraordinary in such testing economic times and go a long way towards removing some of the issues people are concerned about when starting a recruitment process.

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